Friday, December 10

The Time of Their Lives- A Dirty Dancing Inspired Love Shoot

Hey everyone! Sorry this is a very long time coming.....

Back in August I photographed the lovely Nancy of Kiex fötögraphy & design, and her boyfriend, Dylan, on a "Dirty Dancing" movie themed photoshoot. We headed out into the landscape around their cottage, with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack blaring on their ipod and things got a little hot! Check these guys out! Dylan sure makes a great Swayze hey?! They climbed up cliffs and danced on dirt roads, Nancy "carried a watermelon", they did lifts in a field (or attempted to) and even did the classic water lift scene. I ventured out in the water with them, camera in hand, with many beach-goers staring at our little scene. So much fun! Thank you guys so much for such an awesome and inspiring shoot! Nobody puts this couple in a corner!


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