Friday, November 20

Introducing Oscar!

Andrew and I decided to get a kitten! He's a Maine Coon cat that we got from a breeder here in Manitoba. Maine Coons are like gentle giants. They grow to be sometimes up to 18-20 pounds, but are one of the most "dog-like" of the cat breeds and are extremely gentle and kind. His name is Oscar and he has already stolen our hearts!

Sunday, September 20

Around the Homestead- Vintage fun

I love how timeless the countryside feels. Living out in the country with fields and hay bales and wheat surrounding me I feel like I can escape daily from the hustle and bustle of life. I decided to walk around my place and snap some shots then decided to give them a bit of a vintage spin in order to portray that timeless quality the landscape seems to have on me.

Monday, July 27

Erin and David- Married

Erin and David's wedding was this past Saturday and what a beautiful day it was! I felt so honored to be a part of the day and by the end I truly felt like family. Erin and David are two very special people and their family and friends are energetic and very loving. Thank you for making me part of your day.

The day started out with the girls getting ready.The ring bearer, Mick, was a total little heart breaker in his sweet little suit and tie. And the flower girl Emma was just radiant and full of smiles. The girls toasted with some champagne and finished up their makeup and hair before the boys arrived.

We decided to do pictures before the ceremony. The first stop was to Kings Park for a few photos, then on to the Exchange District for a more urban feel. Finally we arrived at the Millenium Centre where the ceremony and reception took place. We took a few more photos then prepared for the ceremony. The reception took place following the ceremony and everyone had a lovely time. It was such a beautiful wedding!

Thanks again guys!

This was Mick's reaction to the girls getting ready. hahaha.

Erin and David's three little fur children, Molly, Sophie, and Tony, looked on as everyone was getting ready. Aren't they sweet?

Emma was just so sweet!

Maid of Honor and bride's sister, Angela. Gorgeous picture!

Isn't he a little heart breaker already?

Guys and an alley wall.... Inspiration hit....

This is one of my favs.

The bouquets were stunning.

The back of the bridesmaid dresses were really unique. Great dresses that could easily be worn again.

Friday, July 24

Summer in the Country

I live just outside of Winnipeg in between Lockport and Selkirk. I grew up in the city but moved out into the country with my boyfriend, Andrew, just over a year ago. I truly love living in the country! It's incredibly peaceful. When I turn down my gravel road and breathe in that country air it's like my whole body just relaxes. It's truly home.

The canola fields near our home are in full force at the moment. And boy are they gorgeous! I just had to take a little walk around my place and take a few shots. I couldn't resist. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 26

Emily's Carnival Birthday

My little niece, Emily, just turned 5! I can't believe how fast time has gone and how big she has grown already. She never ceases to amaze me. My little munchkin had a carnival themed birthday party complete with big lollipops, a popcorn machine, a beading station, a face painting station, a moon bounce and more. My brother even became the party clown and created balloon animals! It was great fun!

Happy Birthday Big Girl! I love you tons and tons!

Check out all these yummy things to eat....

There's the birthday girl!

My brother, Steve and his wife, Ilise.

My nephew, Sam.

Time to party?

Saturday, May 2

Erin and David- Engaged Part 2

I met up with Erin and David in the Forks today for a second session of engagement photos. Complete with balloons, lots of wind and some blue sky and sunshine, this photo session turned out great! Erin and David are fun, and easygoing and so great together! I can't wait for their July wedding!

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