Tuesday, December 14

Marlo and Dan- Engaged

Back in September during our beautiful fall, I photographed Marlo and Dan one sunny Sunday afternoon. The air was just beginning to feel like fall but it was still beautiful. Marlo and Dan decided that a travel/globe themed photoshoot was a fun idea since Dan is all the way from Israel! This couple met here in Canada but Dan still has lots of family and friends back home. We tried to tie in a world globe, a map of Israel and a vintage suitcase that is more than 60 years old. This suitcase has a lovely little story to it as well. The suitcase belongs to my man's father who actually slept in the suitcase as a baby! I thought that was pretty neat.
Marlo and Dan's wedding is coming up this April and I can't wait to photograph these two lovely and wonderful people again. They are so kind. All the best to both of you!

Friday, December 10

The Time of Their Lives- A Dirty Dancing Inspired Love Shoot

Hey everyone! Sorry this is a very long time coming.....

Back in August I photographed the lovely Nancy of Kiex fötögraphy & design, and her boyfriend, Dylan, on a "Dirty Dancing" movie themed photoshoot. We headed out into the landscape around their cottage, with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack blaring on their ipod and things got a little hot! Check these guys out! Dylan sure makes a great Swayze hey?! They climbed up cliffs and danced on dirt roads, Nancy "carried a watermelon", they did lifts in a field (or attempted to) and even did the classic water lift scene. I ventured out in the water with them, camera in hand, with many beach-goers staring at our little scene. So much fun! Thank you guys so much for such an awesome and inspiring shoot! Nobody puts this couple in a corner!

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