Thursday, February 11

Kitten Love...

My little guy, Oscar, is growing like a weed! He's already nearly 12 pounds and he's only 6 months old. His markings are becoming so pronounced and he's looking almost wild with his mane growing in. He's a sweet boy but also is mildly crazy. He runs around the house like a little terror and tests his boundaries endlessly. He's also a huge water fan. Now cats are normally not water lovers. Oscar is the exception. He has a bizarre fascination with it. He plays in his water dish, batting his little mouse toys in the dish to "give them a swim". Or he attempts to (even much to my disliking) jump in the bathroom sinks to see what's going on. Sticking his paw into the drains or if you turn on the taps, putting his head under or biting at the stream. The toilet is also a fascination with him as well. I've heard him splashing in there as well. Curiosity is high! hahaha.

Thinking of Summer....

I am craving spring and summer pretty badly. I hate this cold already. I was surfing around my photos the other day and found these lovely summery images and they just made me smile. So I decided to share.

This one is of my darling little niece,Emily. It was taken quite awhile ago, but her expression in this photo is just so priceless. I'm sure one day she'll hate this photo. haha.

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